Everybody needs to understand their company's business model just enough to make the right decision about staying or going. If there was a high profile startup that was pretty clearly going to flame out within two years, I'd still be on board because it would get my name out there and get my stories read and talked… » 12/22/14 7:04pm 43 minutes ago

As a Canadian who spent summers terraforming the nearby hills so they'd make better toboggan runs in the winter, this speaks to me. Never seen anything quite as elaborate, but then there's nothing like the internet for making you up your game. I'd buy these people a bottle of Champagne for their achievement, if they… » 12/18/14 11:25pm Thursday 11:25pm

I never thought the bus would boast security advantages over private car service but there's no way in HELL I would ever take Uber now. And I just took a cab tonight; when there's a corporation's money on the line, they tend to try to make sure not to hire rapists. » 12/18/14 11:20pm Thursday 11:20pm

That guy did not know what he was doing or you didn't communicate with him what you wanted. I used to date the most-requested flogger on the West Coast (which was a waste of a natural resource in one sense, as that's not what I'm into) and he could do pretty much anything with that thing. » 12/17/14 7:14pm Wednesday 7:14pm