As editor of a news outlet that has not yet run this, I'm conflicted. Yes it was breaking news, and using it was considered fair game. Then again, it's not like mainstream news can't cut someone a cheque for a couple of thou to use it and the blogs can make do with the crappy Youtube. » 4/17/15 4:00am Friday 4:00am

See, and the Irish in me says "this is what happens when people are discouraged from learning how to argue constructively." They don't know how to handle people who think differently from themselves and inappropriate things happen. » 4/16/15 11:15pm Thursday 11:15pm

I have been helping some Anonymous hacktivists look for work lately after they've gotten out of prison, and this particular program has been key to making employers more interested in them: Not sure if it's up for renewal or not. » 4/15/15 8:27pm Wednesday 8:27pm